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A dream comes true (Sebastian Vettel 2010 World Champion)

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Who will replace Kubica for 2011?

Robert Kubica's Formula 1 career is under threat after his right hand was partially severed in a high-speed rally crash in Italy on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Pole looks likely to miss the entire 2011 season, which starts in Bahrain on 13 March.

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And he did it. Sebastian Vettel is the 2010 Formula One World Drivers Champion!!!

The German driver who had among Alonso and Webber in front of the race realistic world championship chances jumped from P3 to P1 in the standings today.

As you know he needed to win and Alonso had to become 5th or worse to become champ. This scenario seemed a bit difficult to achieve in front of the race as Alonso started 3rd. But already at the start Button passed the Spaniard. So it was only one more car who had to pass Alonso for that Seb becomes champ. But in lap 2 Schumi spun and Liuzzi used the Mercedes as a ramp. The safety car came out for 5 laps. This shouldn’t have played a role in the championship everyone thought… but well Rosberg and Petrov who used the SC phase for an early tyre change stayed in front of Alonso even after the Spaniard went in for his tyre change too. Kubica stayed out very long on his first set of tyres and Hamilton bit his teeth of on the Renault driver until Kub went to get new tyres. And surprise surprise, even Kubica went out in front of Alonso. And the Spaniard stucked after his pit stop all the time behind Petrov. The Russian did his best by helping Vettel to make his dream come true!! And for sure after the race Alonso wasn’t very happy about that he couldn’t pass him and showed it to Vitaly by a not nice hand gesture on the in lap.

While all that happened, Seb controlled the race and finally grabbed his first World Championship lead at the absolute right moment: the last race of the season!

I think Seb absolutely deserves to be the champion. It was an extreme tough season for him with very much bad luck and UNRELIABILITY!!! But at the end no penalties, car problems or crashes could ruin his first WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP !!

Now there must be a big Party and already tomorrow Seb and his team go to the Hangar 7 in Salzburg to appear in the TV-Show “Sport und Talk im Hangar 7” on the Austrian Red Bull owned channel Servus Tv. The show starts tomorrow at 9.05 pm (you can see here how you can receive it http://www.servustv.com/cs/Satellite/About-ServusTV-empfangen/001259299587747?p=1259088496182 and there is also a live stream on the website www.servustv.com and if you miss it, dont worry usually u can watch the videos later too).

Well now the season is over… But the break to the first preparations for the 2011 season is short and starts with the young drivers tests already on Tuesday! For the other drivers the break lasts until the end of the week when they’ll do a Tyre test at Abu Dhabi.

I hope you enjoyed this very thrilling season as much as me and I hope that you won’t be too sad in the hard winter month where we have to live without f1 And if your withdrawal symptoms start already now, cheer up because it is the Race of Champions in just 2 weeks time.

See ya

Your jenny

P.S.: Have a nice celebration all Seb fans

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Who is the best F1 champion?

"Senna. He proved himself against drivers of the same cars! Mr.Schumi; Numbers mean nothing!"

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Bahrain GP 2011 Pole 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Race finishes Safety cars Weather
Dom's predictions Vettel Hamilton Alonso Vettel 19 0 Dry

Schumacher's move in Hungary 2010

I see a lot being said about Schumacher's move that he pulled on Rubens. So just thought why not jot down my thoughts as well.

Firstly let me make my stance clear. I am not a Schumacher fan, infact I don't know anyone who would just love to see Schumacher move out of the Mercedes, I am of the opinion that Schumacher achieved a status that he never deserved etc etc..

On this very particular move I would rather say people like me myself are a bit over reacting as most of them have never witnessed a RACE situation. As far as the opinion of the move being dangerous is concerned I have to say YES it as life threatening, but what would this allegation make F1 or the other variants of race itself??? let me guess A DANGEROUS SPORT?????? Infact yes F1 and any other such sport are dangerous and life threatening as well, but aren't these the THINGS that makes us people watch the sport? In ancient times Romans had barbarism in them, they had such bloody competitions which ended in one man or sometimes an entire group/team being killed/slaughtered mercilessly. Time passed on and us humans grew up and deemed such barbaric acts unacceptable to the modern society. But that small BARBARIC element still LINGERS within us humans even today, as we are the only species on this planet that love to compete with each other & the itch doesn't stop there, we can proudly hail as the only species in existence that enjoys seeing individuals of our own species compete against each other whatever may it be, and to not sound and look like the Romans we deem it SPORTS!!! Just to ask how many of us don't enjoy living on the edge??
And that is just what this sport thing is, the only difference is some sports are just ball games and the others far more dangerous.

Coming back to the incident I just cannot express in words how elated I was to see Rubens overtake Schumacher to tell you I jumped off my recliner and pumped my fist into the air..

Looking at this incident from a racer's point of view I can tell you that being a racer that I am If I was in Schumacher's boots today with all that history behind both me and Rubens... well I'd had no choice but to squeeze him to the extent at which he'd have no choice but to let go that gas pedal!!!

Living it from Ruben's point of view -Being the man that I am and with all that Ruben's Schumacher hatred & the things he has done to me(Rubens) in the past filled in me there was no no and absolutely no chance had I would let go that Gas pedal, come what may!!!! In the end the better of the two cars & drivers won that small battle.
This is just RACING at its very best!! And even trough Rubens was complaining after the overtake I can really feel what would he have felt then, such a feeling believe me is much more superior to the feeling of a race win.And as the night goes by I can assure you one thing Rubens will goto bed tonight MUCH HAPPIER AND SATISFIED than the race winner Webber himself.

As far as the FIA & the stewards are concerned well these people are just not upto the mark. Some say Schumacher made more than one change of direction on that straight and thus that is offensive I would love to ask such people where were they when Lewis was weaving at race speed to get rid of Vitaly tailgating him??? Where were they when Webber pulled such a move on Massa last season (forgive me I don't remember the race)????

I can understand most of the race fans dislike Schumacher and so do I (btw I love to hate him) & will criticize him no matter what he does. But for a moment lets be realistic and criticize the guy where he is worth criticizing and not point fingers at him for an action which he is paid for i.e. Racing. To end it I'd say that was a race incident between two guys and no more than that!!

just to remind you other such incidences

1) Raikkonen/Schumacher Brazil 06 no penalty
2) Massa/Webber Fuji 07 no penalty
3) Webber/Raikkonen Brazil 09 no penalty
4) Hamilton/Petrov Malaysia 10 no penalty

Hungary 004

The wall of champions...


Hungary 001


This blog was written by Shahzad Ahmed.
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